Graduate Coursework

University of Minnesota

OLPD 8011 Doctoral Research Seminar I
OLPD 5701 U.S. Higher Education
EPSY 8261 Statistical Methods I: Probability &
EPSY 8262 Statistical Methods II: Regression & the
General Linear Model
OLPD 8702 Administration and Leadership in Higher
EPSY 5243 Principles and Methods of Evaluation
OLPD 5202 Perspectives of Adult Learning and Development
OLPD 5056 Case Studies for Policy Research
OLPD 8703 Public Policy in Higher Education
EPSY 5113 Psychology of Instruction and Technology
OLPD 5044 Introduction to the Economics of Education
CI 5156 Popular Culture, Teaching, and Learning
OLPD 5201 Strategies for Teaching Adults
CI 5321 Foundations of Distance Education
CI 5472 Teaching Critical Media Analysis
CI 5150 Curriculum Topics: Civic Engagement
OLPD 5607 Organization Development


Western Michigan University

EDLD 6980 Readings in Educational Leadership: Women in
Higher Education
EDLD 6510 Student Affairs in Higher Education
EDLD 6530 The College Student
EDLD 6791 Educational Leadership Masters Seminar
EDLD 6550 Interventions for Higher Education
EDLD 6570 Diversity and Equity
EDLD 6980 Readings in Educational Leadership:
International Ed. & Study Abroad
EDLD 6020 Educational Leadership, Systems, and Change
EDLD 6580 Higher Education Field Experience
EDLD 6540 College Environments
EDLD 6590 Higher Education Law
EDLD 6792 Higher Education and the New Technological
EMR 6400 Fundamentals of Evaluation, Measurement, &
EDLD 6792 Capstone Seminar